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Drink Driving (Damage Caused)

Drink Driving (Damage Caused)

Punishment for First Offenders – Damage/Injury Caused

For a brief introduction on drink driving, you may wish to click here.

A drink driver who causes damage or injury will very likely face an imprisonment term. However, the length of the imprisonment will pivot on the different degrees of injury, property damage and culpability of the drink driver. In a recent case, the Singapore Courts gave indication to the different degrees and the base term of imprisonment:

So what is culpability? For example, a driver with high alcohol level and dangerous driving behaviour would be considered highly culpable and a medium culpability means moderate to high alcohol level or dangerous driving behaviour.

A recent case may shed more light as to how the culpability principle works: A drink driver with a breath alcohol of 43 mg in 100 millilitres of breath beat a red light which resulted in a traffic accident that injured 2. In those circumstances, the driver was classified as causing moderate harm with medium culpability.

*Do note that the above guideline is not a catch-all rule of thumb. They will differ greatly on the circumstances of each case.​

In the instance where no damage is caused by the drink driving, please click here.