If you have recently been called by the police for questioning, to give statements or if you have been arrested, it may be because you are suspected for having committed a criminal offence. Learn about the criminal investigations in Singapore. Do not be flustered – here are 6 things you can do.

  1. Cease communication with the alleged victim

This is the first and most important step when criminal investigations start. Often, one common mistake is to look for the alleged victim in an attempt to resolve matters. However, this often makes the situation worse. That said, please stay clear from the victim!

  1. Prepare for the interview

If you have been called for an interview but have not done so, consider consulting a criminal lawyer first to understand your rights and obligations. What you say during the interview is important as the outcome of a case can depend entirely on your statements. It is important to bring across any crucial facts that could prove a defense during the interview. Any failure to do so may make it difficult for you to raise that particular defense subsequently in court.

  1. Speak the truth

We emphasize being truthful in your statements. It is a crime to lie to the police when giving statement. It may also make your case worse if your lie is exposed subsequently.

  1. Right against self-incrimination

During the interview, one must bear in mind that he or she has a right against self-incrimination. This means that he or she does not need to say anything that may suggest their guilt to the offence. That said, one is still under the obligation to inform the police of any facts that he or she might be aware of relating to the alleged crime.

  1. Gather evidence and witness (if any)

It would also be good if you could gather evidence and find witness to suggest your non-involvement in the alleged crime. One must be careful not to tamper with the evidence or influence the witness. It is a criminal offence if you are caught attempting to tamper with evidence or influencing the witness.

  1. Find a criminal lawyer

There are limited things that a criminal lawyer can assist you with, at this point during your investigation. Regardless, you can still approach us to seek advice as the outcome of a case can depend pretty much on the turnout of an investigation.

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