What is a Plea in Mitigation?

Usually, once you have decided to plead guilty, a lawyer will proceed to draft a document known as the Plea in Mitigation. The Plea in Mitigation will then be tendered to court to be taken into account during your sentencing. A Plea in Mitigation will highlight amongst many other aspects, mitigating factors applicable to your case.

An effective Plea in mitigation will primarily serve 2 basic functions:

1. To ensure you receive the least punishment reasonably available to you,
2. To help the court find the most appropriate sentence for you.

What is a Plea in Mitigation?

Mitigating Factors are circumstances or evidence that the court may give you credit for. They are broadly categorised into 2 categories: Specific and Personal Mitigating Factors and serve the common purpose in potentially convincing the court that you deserve a lighter sentence.
What are the examples of Mitigating Factors?

Do note that Mitigating Factors are circumstantial and may not apply to your situation.The examples of Mitigating Factors include but not limited to:


  • Good character of accused
  • Cooperation with the authorities
  • Restitution
  • Age
  • Mental capacity
  • Physical health
  • Exemplary contributions to community
  • Exemplary employment record
  • First-time offender
  • Circumstances leading to the offence


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