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What Will Happen?

What Will Happen?

When should I engage the services of a lawyer?

Although you can technically seek legal representation at any stage of the process, you are encouraged to engage a lawyer as soon as possible (even at the pre-charge stage!). As you will be subjected to the rigorous investigation process which can entails interviews with the authorities and the signing of documents, early legal representation can ensure that you are well apprised of your rights. Avoiding certain pitfalls can have a significant impact on the result of your case.

Remember when life and liberty are at stake, it is better to be an hour early than a minute too late.

What can a lawyer do for me?

In addition to attending all your court appointments, lawyers certainly have a very crucial part to play in your matter. For example, they can from the understanding of your matter draft documents such as Letters of Representation to the prosecuting authority requesting for a discharge or a Plea in Mitigation to ask for a more lenient sentence during your sentencing.

A lawyer can also make arrangements with the prosecuting authority for a Criminal Case Management System (CCMS) meeting to view the evidence the prosecuting is relying on against you.

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